NOTD: Zoya’s ‘Alicia’

I have a NOTD for you! I’m hoping to try to put more of these up. I’ve been slowly going through my collection and wearing nail polishes I haven’t tried out yet – making it a sort of challenge for myself really, wear only things I haven’t photographed or featured on the blog yet.

Today I have a polish from Zoya! This is ‘Alicia’ and it’s one of their scattered holographic finishes. This came out for Fall 2016 as part of their ‘Urban Grunge’ collection. I picked this up in their Black Friday sale and I can’t believe I hadn’t worn it yet.

This was 3 coats, and an absolutely lovely formula. It just glows on the nails in any light.


Stay tuned for more NOTDs!


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Sinful Colors ‘Color Rebellious’ Moon Metal Shades

WOOO MORE SINFUL COLORS REVIEWS. I want you all to know I always try to have the newest Sinful Colors collections for you over anything else.

Today, I have the other review from the Sinful Colors ’80s Flashback’ collection (see the first one called Color Symbolic here). This part of the collection is called ‘Color Rebellious’. It features 5 repromotes and 3 new shades, which I have today.

The 3 new shades are marked by the ‘Moon Metal’ sticker on their cap. They’re all a jelly base with these pieces of “moon metal” inside, which are little dotted metallic hexagons. I believe they’re going for a crater look, or some sort of space technology look with these. As soon as I saw these I was immediately intrigued and grabbed my space suit.

I again found mine at my local Meijer, but it also says they’re available at Walgreens and Target.

So let’s get into the swatches! I showed them by themselves, as well as toppers over other polishes!

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Sinful Colors ‘Color Symbolic’ Collection – New Shades

It can be hard to keep up and keep straight what collections Sinful Colors currently has out, and what is new and everything. I’m here to straighten it all out.

Alright, Sinful Colors has done the thing again where they release 3 new collections all underneath one big title. They did this for the Spring, with their ‘Spring Trippin’ theme. This included the ‘Desert Divas’ polishes, with the stoned-crystal shimmers finish (see my post here). They also had the ‘Chic Chicas’ which were bright creams with Spanish-themed names, (I posted about three that I found here), and the Sinful Shine collection called ‘Bayou Babes’ (again, find the post here).

They’ve done the same thing for summer with their ’80s Flashback’ theme. There are 3 different collections underneath that: ‘Color Eccentric’, ‘Color Rebellious’ and ‘Color Symbolic’.

‘Color Eccentric’ is their neon collection – I won’t be picking those up at all. If I’m being honest, I can’t be bothered with the white base coat to add another 3 coats on it – and I’ve seen swatches of these and they’re only okay. Idk I haven’t gotten into neons yet. Maybe someday my mind will be changed, nay, I hope someday my mind is changed.

‘Color Rebellious’ has only 3 new shades, and they’re the ‘Moon Metal’ finish – I’ll be posting about those soon!

And last but not least, ‘Color Symbolic’ is the Sinful Shine collection, and what I’m reviewing today! There are only 4 new shades and I have those for you today! Let’s get into the swatches.

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Pure Ice ‘Star Spangled Glamour’ 4th of July Collection

4th of July is right around the corner (it still feels like only June 1st), and that means fun patriotic collections from nail companies! And even better, drugstore nail companies!

I saw advertising for Pure Ice’s 4th of July collection, and just had to find it. This year it’s called the ‘Star Spangled Glamour’ collection and includes 3 polishes – 2 toppers and a cream.

If you’re not familiar with Pure Ice, they can be found at Walmart and retail for $2 each. And so far I’ve had really good luck with them, and they’ve had beautiful formulas.

It took me going to 2 different Walmarts, but I found the 3 polishes and was so excited to swatch them. Let’s get into it!

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My European Makeup Haul – Bourjois, Essence & More

I know, I’ve been back from Europe for about 3 weeks now, and I am just now finally posting this. But now I’ve used some of them so I can give mini reviews! (That was obviously my intent with waiting and not just procrastination duh).

I went to Europe so of course I had to pick up some things I’m not able to pick up in the good ol’ USA. I’m going to have a separate post about the items I picked up from Kiko as there were a whole mess of those. Look for it in the future.

In the mean time, here are the other makeup items I found! I didn’t spend too much time in drugstores over there – I either didn’t see them, or didn’t want to drag my friends all over into them. But there was a big makeup store right next to my hostel in Poland, so this is where I picked these up! Let’s get into it!

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OPI ‘California Dreaming’ Summer 2017 Collection – Swatch/Review

It’s the first day of summer! I got my butt into gear to give you the first post of the summer collections on the first day of summer! – Eh, eh, you see what I did there?

While I was in Europe, I saw a post about a flash sale on this collection, and bought it right up. The whole collection for $50 – shipped! Considering OPI normally retails for $10 a bottle, that’s a steal. Seriously, follow ‘Skyline Beauty Supply’ on Instagram, as they’re always offering 24 Hour Flash Deals on the newest collections. I’ve ordered from them a couple times and have been super satisfied – their shipping is so fast as well!

Anyways, the OPI Summer 2017 collection is called ‘California Dreaming’ and is a standard 12 bottle collection. It features 10 creams, and 2 metallics, based on the state of California! It’s a collection of a small shade range, featuring pinks, reds and orange tones.

Let’s get right into the swatches!

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Zoya ‘Earth Day’ Haul

Continuing on with getting up old posts, I finally have my Zoya Earth Day haul! Yeah I know Earth Day was a while ago. I’m continuing with my phrase of “better late than never”. But hey, once I get through all of these posts, I can starting posting summer collections, which everyone is always excited about!

Anyways, Zoya ran a 50% off sale for Earth Day – if you bought polishes, you could also send in old polishes and Zoya would recycle them safely for you. This inspired me to clean out my collection, and I sent them a couple bags worth of old polishes! So you know, I made room for these new polishes.

Apparently in my order I had an inkling towards certain colors – aka blues and greens. Didn’t even realize until I started unpacking them. Whoops.

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